When the Cat’s Away: Why Pets and Mice Don’t Mix

Pets and mice don't mixA few decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon to view our feline friend as the resident mouser. Historically, cats (as well as dogs) have played a critical role in reducing rodents and other opportunistic animals that get into our food and living spaces. To a certain extent, this idea of the barn cat is still alive and well in many rural (and urban) environments.

Unfortunately, while cats seem to step up to this job with great enthusiasm, there are certain risks involved when it comes to pets and mice. Rodents, like other animals that have readily adapted to humans, carry parasites and diseases that can be spread among pets and people alike.

Let’s take a closer look at why these formidable foes should not become the sole responsibility of your furry little hunter. Continue…

What’s Better: Pet Boarding Facility or Individual Pet Sitter?

pet boardingWhen you have to be away from home, you want 100% assurance that your pet is in the best possible situation. That could mean remaining at home with a pet sitter, but a high-quality pet boarding facility is also a good option. There’s a lot to consider when choosing between the two, and once the decision is made, significant preparations must begin.


Can Pets Get Lice Like Us?

pets get liceThere are few episodes in life worse than head lice. Not only do you have to treat the person affected by these awful-looking blood suckers, but the entire home – from blankets to upholstery – has to be handled effectively. For a household with animals, this can begin to feel absolutely overwhelming.

The good news is that head lice (the ones that thrive on human blood) don’t bug animals. However, pets get lice of a different kind, as well as other parasites that are definitely problematic.


Ask a Vet: Why do Dogs Turn Circles Before Lying Down?

dogs turn circlesNearly every dog owner is familiar with the ritual: your dog is getting ready for a snooze, but before settling down, there will be one, two, or three (or more!) circles. Fido may even scratch the bed or carpet a few times, just for good measure. But is there another meaning behind this strange and uniquely canine custom?

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we love all dogs, and decoding their interesting behaviors is a challenge we gladly accept! Let’s investigate why dogs turn circles before lying down.