Exceptional Veterinary Care for Your Pet in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospitalís 10 veterinarians are always up to date on the latest techniques and treatments. With this much experience under one roof, there are many opinions and different backgrounds. This diversity ensures a depth of knowledge that will benefit your pet. Our veterinarians begin with the simplest explanations for a problem and work from there to determine the correct diagnosis and course of treatment for your pet.

We emphasize preventive care and early detection at every stage of your petís life and eagerly look forward to working with you to develop a comprehensive plan that allows your pet friend to live a long and cheerful life. Whether this is a first visit for vaccinations, surgery, for spaying or neutering, having your dog or catís teeth cleaned and polished, your pet is sick, or if you need us to make a house call, we look forward to caring for you and your pet soon!