Pets Have Allergies Just Like People

Diagnosing and treating allergies in dogs and cats is part of Animal Kind Veterinary Hospitalís commitment to make your pet as happy and healthy as possible. Commonly, many of these treatable, life-long diseases show up as skin and ear problems. Seasonal and environmental allergies may be reactions to trees, pollen, or grass.

Testing to Diagnose Your Petís Allergy

We will perform tests to determine the most effective therapy for your pet. The most common is a blood test that checks for antigen-induced antibodies in your petís blood.

This test can identify particular allergens so that we can begin a specific immunotherapy. You may be able to simply remove the food or allergen causing the reaction from your petís environment.

Because 10% of pets suffer with allergies that are caused by food, we may need to conduct diet trials to determine food allergies. Using special pet foods with one protein source will help us to verify which food is causing problems.

Getting to the right diagnosis and developing the most effective treatment for your pet may take some time, but we make every effort to solve allergy issues so that your pet is comfortable and happy.