Diagnosing & Treating
Your Pet With Endoscopy

If we believe your pet is suffering from a problem that requires closer examination, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital may suggest endoscopy. This high-tech instrument uses fiber optics so that we can visually examine the:

  • Stomach
  • Intestines
  • Esophagus
  • Nasal system
  • Urinary system

We can use the endoscope not only to see these internal structures of your pet’s body, but also we can obtain a biopsy if needed for further study, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The endoscope is useful for removing foreign objects from the esophagus and stomach, placing feeding tubes, and to correct or repair areas of the esophagus or colon that may be narrowed where scar tissue has formed.

Because the endoscope is a highly specialized piece of equipment, our veterinarians have taken part in additional training and education in order to be well versed in its use and applications. We are always happy to use a solution like the endoscope that can be as effective as many surgical procedures were in the past.

Even though endoscopy is considered nonsurgical and noninvasive, it does require general anesthesia. We will advise you of how to prepare your pet before the procedure and for care after he or she recovers and goes home with you.