You Both Know they Did Something Bad, but Do Pets Feel Guilt?

A dog looks guilty

All of a sudden your dog avoids meeting your direct eye contact. Their ears are sort of pinned-back and they may be trying to make themselves look small. The tail may or may not be wagging uncontrollably (they just can’t help it sometimes!). Looking around you discover a large puddle. 

Now their behavior and body language make all the sense in the world! 

Your pup knows they shouldn’t have peed on the floor. But even though they appear downright ashamed at what happened, it’s actually a stretch to say that pets feel guilt. 


Real, Safe, Effective? A Look at Alternative Medicine for Pets

An animal receives acupuncture

The idea of alternative medicine for pets is becoming more popular as a less invasive way to treat various illnesses and injuries. There are numerous modalities under the umbrella of alternative or complementary medicine, and each has the potential to add something of value to the body as a whole. However, as with any approach to your pet’s health and wellness, each modality should be “vetted” by a trusted veterinarian


Don’t Leave Me! The Overly Affectionate Cat

Most of us love to cuddle and pet our cats. In fact, studies show that petting cats can increase the human animal bond and reduce our stress and anxiety. Although cats are individuals and enjoy different degrees of attention, they all need social contact with us in order to thrive. 

But what if your cat suddenly becomes overly affectionate? Let’s explore the reasons and what to do if you have an overly affectionate cat.


Litter Box Basics for Success

Almost nothing is as frustrating as a cat who can’t or won’t use the litter box. Spending hours scrubbing cat urine out of your carpets is enough to make even the most dedicated feline fanatic question their choices in life. 

While there are medical reasons that your kitty might miss the mark when it comes to using the box, many feline inappropriate elimination issues stem from behavioral issues. Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to help you steer clear of problems by laying out some litter box basics to set you up for success.