Why Do Dogs Love Balls? Examining a Truly Fantastic Phenomenon

Why DO dogs love balls? Dog behavior can be odd...There’s really nothing easier – or, frankly, more fun – than playing fetch with a dog. Sure, some pups are more enthused by the activity than others. But generally speaking, this age-old past time hits all the spots. While sticks are a sure runner-up, balls are always number one with the canine set. They’re sturdy, yet chewy. They bounce, and most of them fit perfectly between the jaws. But beyond their characteristics and the play/exercise they facilitate with a favorite human, why do dogs love balls?

Herding and Hunting

Dogs began living in tandem with people thousands of years ago, possibly due in large part to their extreme hunting skills. Domestication of a type of grey wolf helped our hunter-gatherer ancestors thrive, and the sort of mutually beneficial interdependence between our species evolved over generations. Continue…

Pet Grooming in Summer: Should You Shave Your Pet?

Eliminating the dead undercoat not only balances the coat out, but gives your pet a lighter, more breathable coat.Whether we realize it or not, we all try to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. Whether it’s beards, tattoos, or Crossfit, there are definitely things that dazzle the masses and turn simple ideas into full-fledged movements.


When Flexibility Takes a Toll: The Not-So-Obvious Dangers of Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are convenient but pose safety risks too When you think about your dog’s leash, are you inconvenienced by its sheer lack of complication, or are you rather pleased by the inherent simplicity? It’s amazing to think that something as streamlined as a 6-foot leash requires improvement, but then again the concept of retractable leashes has a place in modern dog ownership. This great debate will continue, but we should all be aware of the hidden dangers associated with retractable leashes.

Is This a Controversy?

Many dog owners are absolutely devoted to retractable leashes, and when used properly, they can be highly convenient. They shouldn’t be used when walking along busy roads, through pedestrian traffic, or near any other potential hazards, like construction sites. They should never be attached to a choke collar. Continue…

Brooding About Backyard Chickens?

Yes, backyard chickens in Brooklyn are a thing!Inexpensive, high-quality eggs became widely available in supermarkets across America in the 1950’s, about the same time that a sleek, modern suburban lifestyle was embraced. In spite of this, many people in cities continued to raise chickens because of their relative ease, affordability, and the great return on initial investment. Now, with the sustainable, locavore, and organic movements, citizens in all New York City boroughs can raise as many backyard chickens as they like.

Hens, No Roosters

Raising chickens can be very satisfying, but it’s critical to avoid creating situations where they become a nuisance to others. Because of their propensity to crow throughout the day, roosters are classified as illegal. While there’s no limit on the amount of hens one can keep, any smells, noise, flies, etc. must not have a negative effect on neighbors, as the city takes complaints seriously. Continue…