A Case of the Brrs… Protecting Senior Pets in Cooler Weather

Portrait of Boxer mixed senior dogHopefully, we have many weeks ahead without snow, sleet, and ice, but the fact remains: summer is officially over, and we are turning the bend toward the long months of winter.

Fortunately, autumn provides a nice transition between hot to cold, but to truly protect senior pets in cooler weather, we must take into consideration age, weight, exercise level, and lifestyle. To that end, we offer some guidelines that aim to keep them safe, happy, and healthy ‘till the first tulips of spring.

Boo! Halloween Pet Safety Tactics to Ease the Fright of the Night

halloween pet safety

Autumn in Brooklyn is simply splendid. From the city’s finest craft fairs to parades and harvest festivals, every kid, grown-up, and pet can find something to do. While considerable time and energy goes toward having fun, it’s important to remember that the season’s biggest event also has the potential to be the most dangerous.

With Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital’s Halloween pet safety pointers, you can let the zombies, monsters, and witches have all the scares.

Taking It All In

The two main components of Halloween can seriously endanger your pet.

  • Costumes – Pet costumes (commercial and DIY) are all the rage nowadays, but a few things deserve full attention. Your pet’s airways and vision should never be restricted or compromised. Costumes must also allow your pet to move normally, eat/drink without problems, and go to the bathroom when nature calls. Costumes should never have loose or dangling parts, such as bells, bows, and ribbons. If your pet tries to wiggle out of the costume, a bandana, bowtie, or other festive accessory might be a better option.
  • Candy – To avoid chocolate or Xylitol poisoning, keep all candy out of reach. Candies containing raisins or macadamia nuts are also highly toxic. Plastic, foil, or cellophane wrappers can be enticing to pets, causing painful (and potentially expensive) gastrointestinal blockages. Lollipop and candy apple sticks can result in intestinal ruptures, necessitating emergency care or surgery.


Pet Halloween Costumes: Ideas, Safety, and Fun

Crazy tailor“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.” This traditional Scottish verse is still an accurate way to describe one of our favorite times of year – Halloween!

For many pet owners, this holiday is about more than just jack-o’-lanterns and candy (although those are great, too!). It also brings the opportunity to see your pooch or kitty transformed into a princess, superhero, cheerleader, or pretty much anything you can imagine!

However, if your pet’s safety and comfort are in jeopardy, the world of pet Halloween costumes can quickly go from delightfully spooky to downright scary. Continue…

Pet Travel Tips: Preparing for The Big Day

TouristOnce you’ve determined your pet’s pre-travel needs, you’re ready for the big day. Flying the friendly skies or hitting the road with your pet takes careful planning and organization to ensure a safe and seamless trip for everyone. That’s why the team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has compiled the following tips for pet travel.

Packed and Ready to Go!

Making your pet’s trip a good one relies on keeping his or her daily care routine as consistent as possible. Consider packing the following items for your pet’s comfort and home-away-from-home needs: Continue…