Scrap the Table Scraps: Pancreatitis in Pets

Almost every pet owner is guilty of slipping the furry family member a morsel of people food from time to time. After all, what could be so bad about treating your dog to a chunk of gristle that’s been trimmed from your steak, or dropping some fatty skin from the holiday bird in kitty’s bowl?

Besides the fact that rich foods add unnecessary calories to your pet’s diet, putting him or her at risk for obesity and its complications, fatty food can trigger a dangerous condition known as pancreatitis. Although pancreatitis in pets is certainly a concern during the holiday season, it can happen at any time, making practicing food safety for pets important year-round.

How to Make Your Holidays Pet Friendly

Begging for the Holiday FeastNow that you’ve made it through Halloween, it’s time to turn our attention to the holidays! Before you break out the tinsel, however, keep in mind there are some things you should do to keep the holidays pet friendly.

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to remind owners that this season can be wonderful for our four-legged family members with a little preparation and common sense.


Tis’ the Season: 5 Reasons to be Thankful for Pets

Coliving is new way of lifeThere’s much to love about Thanksgiving: the delicious food, the family time, football, maybe even the National Dog Show (which airs the weekend before!) November is the perfect month to reflect on the things we are the most grateful for in our lives, such as food, shelter, family, friends, and our pets!

There are more reasons to be thankful for pets than we can count here at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, but these five are at the of top of our list.


Looking to Adopt? Consider a Loveable Senior Pet!

Dog in Car with Sweater during SnowstormIf you have made the wonderful and caring decision to adopt a pet, you may be wondering what type of companion best fits your family. From lifestyle to home space, there are certainly many different factors that influence your decision.

As part of your process, we encourage you to consider the benefits of adopting a senior pet. While a puppy or kitten is undeniably cute, senior pets are often overlooked, despite having so much love and affection to share.