Welcome the New Year with These Pet Owner Resolutions

The ground is freezing, the air is frigid…yet, there’s hope for a brighter day! The new year is good for a lot of things (parties, live music, worldwide joviality), but perhaps the opportunity to reflect is the best part. With this in mind, focusing on some pet owner resolutions may help your pet be the happiest, healthiest one on the block.

What Would Your Pet Do?

If your pet had an eye on the future like we do, would he or she contemplate a new diet, exercise routine, or the addition of a new hobby? Impossible to say, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the reins for your pet and steer him or her toward better health and more fulfilling days.


Spreading Good Cheer: How to Help Pets in Need

Many of us are deeply concerned about the plight of homeless animals, and as families gather along with their pets to celebrate the holidays, it can be a particularly troubling thought.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to help pets in need. Your efforts, both large and small, can make a huge impact in the lives of animals in our community or beyond.


Something to Believe In: Our Top Rated Gifts for Pet Owners

Depending on your mood, finances, or the weather, holiday shopping can great fun – or an absolute disaster. While we all intend for the holidays to be a simple, meaningful time shared with family and friends, this time of year can quite stressful. This is especially true when you don’t know what to give someone special. However, when choosing from our top gifts for pet owners, the only thing to worry about is…should you also get one for yourself?

Prevent an Emergency With Our Holiday Pet Safety Guide

It’s hard to imagine that a season dedicated to celebrating life, family, health, and happiness might have dire consequences. The truth is, however, the holidays can put a curious pet in absolute peril. While owners commonly seek to include their family pet in the festivities, ignoring the basic tenets of holiday pet safety can be sheer folly.

Setting the Scene

We love the holidays and enjoy offering tips for winter safety and how to have a pet friendly holiday. However, we also know the holidays are incredibly demanding of your time and attention, and it’s hard for a pet to compete. To get a firm handle on holiday pet safety, your pet’s needs should remain a top priority with adherence to everyday routine.