Spring Pet Safety: Preparing for Fun in the Sun

Each season has its attributes, but spring is truly unique as life emerges from winter’s slumber. What could be better than opening all your windows to let in a nice breeze or taking your pet for a stroll through the city? Indeed, it’s the time of year bookended by extremes, when we can really relax, breathe deeply, and wax poetic on nature’s gifts. However, without taking into consideration certain spring pet safety measures, those poetic moments could end abruptly at the emergency room.


Sunshine, Flowers, and Spring Pet Activities

This time of year is truly wonderful. The days grow longer, buds appear on the trees, and there’s a genuine sense of optimism surrounding spring’s imminent arrival.

This is obviously good news for all, but for our fair city’s pet population, it’s the best news yet. With no shortage of things to do, sights to see, and events to attend, you might be thinking about which spring pet activities to try first. Look no further, Animal Kind has got you covered!

Virus Watch 2017: Canine Parvo and Distemper Basics

canine parvo and distemperIt stinks to have a sick dog. It stinks even more when your dog becomes ill with something that was preventable. Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, many serious diseases that were once a death sentence to infected dogs are now almost totally avoidable. Canine parvo and distemper virus are both diagnoses which we are happy to say we don’t have to make very often these days.

Learn what you need to know to keep it that way.

Virus Pathology 101

Canine parvo and distemper are both viral diseases that can affect our doggy family members. While they share a viral cause, and immunity is often administered in the same vaccine, they are very different diseases.


What’s so Crazy About Leash Training Cats? Nothing!

Walking a cat on a leash may seem as exotic as, say, strutting around with a python draped around your shoulders—but it’s entirely normal and natural. Sure, many cats might need some extra convincing that you’re not entrapping them, but leash training cats can definitely evolve into a mutually beneficial experience.

A Furry Space Bubble

This probably goes without saying, but it’s a good idea to give Fluffy his or her space when it comes to new ideas. If your feline has always been an apartment-dwelling cat, it’s quite possible that walking down the avenues together is the very last thing on his or her “to-do” list. To be sure, many cats just don’t feel safe or comfortable outside the home. Please don’t force the situation.