Can Pets Have Allergies?

pets have allergiesAh, the itchy nose, watery eyes, and constant sneezing that accompany allergy season! These are the telltale signs of allergies in humans, but also, can our pets have allergies?

The short answer is: yes. And they can be every bit as annoying and uncomfortable. In fact, allergies are one of the primary reasons pet owners bring their companions in to see us – especially canines.

The Amazing Science of Cat Tongues

cats tongueIn the animal kingdom, there are few rivals of the gecko’s super sticky, fast-moving feet. In fact, NASA researched the minuscule hairs on their feet (called setae) and developed a gecko-inspired adhesive to use in the harsh environment of space. Geckos employ intriguing van der Waals forces that allow for suction and easy release on vertical and upside down surfaces.

Not entirely unlike the feet of geckos are cat tongues. Equally amazing in their design and intrinsic capabilities, cat tongues are also inspiring university scientists to create new technologies.

The Essentials: Why Year-Round Pet Parasite Prevention Is Necessary

Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other annoying pests are an everyday fact of life. Unfortunately, these parasites pose a serious risk to our pets all year long, and the protection of your whole family (two- and four-legged members), as well as the surrounding community, depend on year-round pet parasite prevention.

The Trouble with Parasites

Anyone who has had an encounter with a parasite can attest to what bothersome critters they are. However, dealing with an itchy bite pales in comparison to the diseases that some parasites carry and pass along to pets and people.

Stash the Stash: Why Pot for Pets is a Dangerous Combination

As marijuana makes its way into more American homes through decriminalization or legalization, it only stands to reason that pets will be exposed to it more often. Couple this with accounts of medical marijuana helping people cope with illnesses like cancer and arthritis, and suddenly, more cases of pot toxicity are being reported.

No matter where you stand on the issue of marijuana use, it’s important for pet owners to know about pot for pets and just how bad that bong can be for Fido and why he can’t have a brownie.