Celebrating July 4th with Pets: What You Need to Know

fourth of julyIndependence day is a beloved and nostalgic holiday for many Americans, filled with the things we love best: friends and family, summer weather, party foods, and fireworks.

The things that make the holiday fun for humans can also put our furry loved ones at risk. We offer you the following tips and tricks for safely celebrating July 4th with pets.


Doggo and Bork: A Guide to Internet Pet Language

If you have perused anything pet-related online in the past few years, you have probably stumbled upon some unfamiliar words. Terms like “doggo” and “bork” rule memes and other fun petcentric websites. These seemingly nonsensical words can be a little bit disconcerting, however, until you understand what they mean.

As the trend grows, a solid knowledge of internet pet language is needed for any animal enthusiast these days!

How Summer Pet Safety Differs From Other Seasons

summer pet safetyIt’s reasonable to apply the same care tactics throughout the year, but summer presents some unique risks to your pet. Between dangerous heat waves, there always seems to be something going on outside – a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of most animals. Add to the mix a dizzying array of travel options, and you might just need a vacation! Don’t worry, with our summer pet safety travel suggestions, you and your pet can still enjoy a good vacay together this year.


Who Gets the Dog? The New World of Pet Custody Agreements

Divorce is a notoriously stressful, painful, and expensive experience. The divorce process often leads to heated battles over custody of the children, division of property, and debates over finances. Pet custody is quickly becoming a hot-button topic as well, which leaves many couples with yet another thing to grapple with.

Most courts of law consider pets just another part of a couple’s joint property, but this is slowly changing. In many instances, the court is willing to recognize that one’s relationship with a pet is different than the relationship with other forms of property, such as the flat-screen TV or new loveseat. Do you know what goes into consideration during a pet custody dispute?