The Rules of Pets on Public Transportation

pets on public transportationIf you’ve noticed some creative pet owners lately on the subway, you’re not alone. In reaction to the October 2016 transit rule banning animals on the subway (except those confined in small travel kennels, service dogs, or those accompanying officers of the law), passengers took to social media documenting what constitutes a proper “container.”

Out of necessity, New Yorkers have to take their pets on public transportation – but that doesn’t mean it’s always permissible or easy.

Taking Your Pet to the Vet

We happily offer house calls to pets who require wellness exams and/or attention to illness or injury. If your pet needs certain tests or treatment, we’ll transport him or her back to Animal Kind.


What to Do About Pet Water Safety? Dive In!

pet water safetyWhen it’s hot, sticky, and your AC unit starts to fizzle out, where do you and your pet go? The water’s edge, of course! Luckily, there’s no shortage of ideal locations around here that offer sublime respites from the city’s humid haze. But, while the enjoyment and relief may bounce off the scale, that doesn’t mean pet water safety can be sidelined. To be sure, without the consideration of the numerous risks to your pet, he or she could be in serious danger.


Keeping Your Senior Pet Safe Through the Summer Months

summer pet safetyIt seems like those of us in the Northeast wait all winter for summer to arrive, only to let the heat of those dog-eat-dog days catch us off guard. With temps well into the 80’s and 90’s and high humidity, there’s no doubt that most of us – and our four-legged crew – will be relaxing in the AC or lounging poolside to cool down.

From ensuring hydration to monitoring for heat-related distress, all pet owners need to take summer safety precautions. However, when it comes to a senior pet, these fiery days can present more serious risks to health and well-being.


Beat the Heat with Summer Paw Care

summer paw careWith all of the daily wear and tear they receive, pet paws sure take a beating. Although they seem tough as nails, paw pads are actually quite sensitive and are constantly at risk of injury, burn, dryness, or cracking. The summer months can be particularly hard on them, making summer pet paw care an essential component of responsible pet ownership.