Listen Up: All About Pet Ear Care

pet ear careAlthough our pet’s ears are a big part of how they communicate and express their individual personality (and not to mention completely adorable!), it’s a good chance we take them for granted. We may stroke, scratch, and admire those precious, silky ears, but beyond that how much thought are we giving to the long term care of these important body parts?

Pet ear care is essential to the ongoing good health of our dogs and cats. Learn the basics of how to clean and care for your pet’s adorable ears with tips from your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital!


The Golden Rule: Keep Pets Safe From Back-to-School Pet Toxins

back to school Back-to-school season means different things to different people. Kids may be filled with excitement or trepidation; parents will miss their kids but are probably relieved to have school back in session; teachers are gearing up for another year of guiding a fresh set of youngsters down the path toward adulthood.

Many pets look forward to the start of a new school year as well, especially when it means a daily onslaught of delicious odors wafting in from backpacks and lunchboxes. Unfortunately, a variety of serious risks lurk in these seemingly innocent bags. Pet parents are wise to take a closer look at how to protect their four-legged family members from back-to-school pet toxins.


The Wonderful World of Kids and Pets!

An estimated 4 out of every 10 children are born into families with pets, and nearly 90% will spend some portion of their childhood living with one. Indeed, children and animals just seem to go hand in hand. Beyond being an amazing learning opportunity, pets also offer children a way to connect with and be responsible for something outside of themselves. There’s also plenty that parents can do to help strengthen and deepen the bond between kids and pets.

The Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11

search and rescue dogsIf you ask anyone where they were or what they were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001, they’ll be able to tell you everything in detail. Without a doubt, the events that preceded and directly followed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been deeply embedded in our nation’s collective consciousness.

While every American is deeply proud of the heroism displayed by firefighters, police, and emergency medical technicians, the brave, dedicated, and tireless search and rescue dogs truly capture the hearts of millions.