The Big Brrrr: Surviving Winter With Pets

winter with petsWinter in New York is a lot of things, but warm is not one of them. We do a lot to protect ourselves from inclement weather, and it’s important to take the same considerations when it comes to our four-legged family members.

Make this upcoming winter with pets the best one ever with our tips for safety, grooming, and fun!

Winter Grooming

Many pet owners believe that they can get away with less grooming during the cold weather months, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Making sure your pet’s skin and coat are cared for during winter is extremely important thanks to wind, snow, ice, dampness, salt on the streets and sidewalks, and dry, forced heat air inside our homes.


A Love That Lasts: Estate Planning For Pets

estate planning for petsRecent surveys show that 68 percent of U.S. households, or roughly 85 million families, own at least one pet. Although pets are considered property by law, most of us view them as beloved and irreplaceable family members.

Although pet owners everywhere dread the day when our pets are no longer here, few of us stop to consider who would take over the care of our pets should we die first. Estate planning for pets isn’t the most upbeat topic, but it’s an important part of responsible pet ownership, and one that all pet owners should consider.


How Pets Encourage Self-Care

pet encourage self careBad days… We all have them. Constantly on the go with no time to spare? Overwhelmed with little to no support in carrying the brunt? Lost in the confusion of what is happening to our society? Most of us feel this way.

As pet owners, we may notice that when we are stressed or blue, our pets seem to respond to our feelings – either by curling up next to us and nudging our hand for some pets, or simply by being with us. Pets react to all of our emotions, including anxiety, sadness, and fear.

In today’s hectic world, self-care is often overlooked, which comes with detrimental effects on mental and physical health. So, how is it that our best fur friends can help us attend to the basics of nurturing ourselves? Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to explain why pets encourage self-care.


Surf, Sand, and Splashin’: Beach Safety for Dogs

beach safety for dogsOne of the greatest pastimes you can enjoy with your dog is heading to the beach for a day of running, wading, and hanging out together. Whether you choose Brooklyn Bridge Park, a day trip to Montauk, or other waterfronts, these beautiful fall days offer a lot of variety for outdoor entertainment while watching the waves come in.

Most pets (and people) enjoy our great beachfronts, and the opportunity for dog-friendly activities are many. Although your dog may be one of the most nautical canines around, there are several considerations all owners should take for everyone’s safety and fun.

To encourage beach safety for dogs, your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital have a few tips to help you and your best friend enjoy the shoreline together.