As Smooth as Ice: Winter Pet Travel and Boarding Tips

The time has come to solidify holiday travel plans, and if you’re a pet owner, this inevitably  includes planning for pets as well. Whether you’re bringing Fido along on a multi-state drive or you’re considering boarding your furry friend while you’re away, our tips for winter pet travel will help you prepare for anything.


Light the Menorah: Pet Safety Tips for Hanukkah

Hanukkah brings to mind the beautiful, soft glow of the menorah, delicious food, and games and gifts. Gathering together with our loved ones is also one of the best ways to observe the holiday. Of course, we want to share the season with our pets, but some of these traditions could pose a safety hazard for them.

The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has compiled these pet safety tips for Hanukkah to ensure your holiday is safe, fun, and relaxing for your whole family, including your pets.


No Gobbling: Thanksgiving Foods That are Bad for Pets

food bad for petsImagine the scene of the crime: trash can toppled over, bits of foil and plastic wrap spread about the floor, and – you guessed it – a turkey carcass stuffed behind the couch. This is no CSI episode or great mystery; it’s just another case of The Pet Who Stole Thanksgiving Scraps.

As you clean up the mess, you may wonder what and how much your pet ate and whether or not any of it can make them sick. You then rush to Dr. Google to look up all the potential toxins, wondering if you should call your veterinarian (hint: when in doubt, please call us for your pet’s safety).


Winter Is Coming…Are You Ready For Winter Pet Care?

winter pet careNovember has arrived, and if you’re like most New Yorkers you are probably already ready for winter; the hats, coats, and boots have been pulled out, weatherproofing has been done in the home, and hot chocolate has been stocked up in the pantry. Pets need extra TLC during the colder months as well, and with our winter pet care tips, keeping furry family members warm, dry, and healthy should be a snap!