Good Hygiene, Good Health: The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

regular pet groomingPets, like people, feel better when they are clean. Whether your pet willingly jumps into the tub or is nowhere to be found when it comes time for a bath, regular pet grooming supports your pet’s mental and physical health. Plus, clean pets typically enjoy extra snuggles and smooches!

There are many great reasons why regular pet grooming is necessary for your furry companion. The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has compiled a few beneficial reasons why grooming goes far beyond keeping your pet smelling good (and that’s certainly a benefit too!).


Pawsitively Wonderful: Dog Training for Safety, Happiness, and Fun

We all know that dog. The one who tramples over every guest who enters the home, barking and jumping excitedly. The one who repeatedly destroys shoes, socks, children’s toys, furniture, and anything else they can get their paws and mouths on. The one who, although an adult, has not mastered the art of eliminating outside and continues to soil the living room carpet.

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we believe that dog training is absolutely essential for the happiness and safety of your pet. Ethical, humane, and responsible dog training also paves the way for a lifetime of fun and friendship between you and your dog.


The Danger Is Real: Antifreeze Poisoning in Pets

poisoning inpetsWinter is in full effect, and pet owners are taking precautions to protect their pets from the elements. Keeping pets indoors and warm, putting on protective coats and sweaters, and keeping winter grooming in mind are all important, but for many of us, antifreeze poisoning in pets isn’t as big of a concern as it should be.

Here in Brooklyn, where many people rely solely on public transportation, the dangers of antifreeze poisoning in pets may not seem urgent. However, pets can be exposed to antifreeze, whether or not you own a car, so making sure your pet is safe, along with spreading the word to other pet owners, is critical in protecting our furry best friends.


Ask a Yogi: Should You Practice Yoga With Your Pet?

yoga with your petMany people get out their yoga mats at home and go through their own series of poses or put on a video of a trained professional. If they also happen to be pet owners, you can bet that within microseconds, their four-legged furry friend is at least curious about what’s to come – or full-on prepared to get in the way.

A love for all beings is a central part of yoga, so why wouldn’t you practice yoga with your pet?