cat healthDoes your cat meow at the backdoor relentlessly? Depending on the streets located near your urban abode, just letting your pet pop out for a bit may not be an option. This is probably the most salient difference between your cat and their country or suburban relatives. Indeed, most city dwelling cats remain inside the home their entire life, a general boon to overall cat health. But for many discerning, contemporary city cats, it can be hard to keep things fresh for them.

Conventional Wisdom

It’s widely accepted that an indoor cat has a better chance at a longer, safer, healthier life. Keeping them indoors reduces injuries and exposure to illnesses, but it can grow a tad stale for these smart, clever animals. Since pet obesity is on the rise (along with diabetes, arthritis, and more debilitating maladies), overall cat health must be supported in the following ways.

Physical Wellness

Keeping your pet active is critical to their happiness, quality of life, and longevity. Set aside 20-30 minutes every day to play with your cat. In your absence, set out interactive toys that keep them engaged and busy (just be sure to check for small parts, entrapment risks, or entanglements).

Need another reason to play every day? The bond between you and your cat will continue to grow and deepen by reinforcing your investment in their health and wellbeing. Score!

Mental Acuity

An enormous asset to cat health is keeping mental connections strong. Like us, aging felines experience memory loss and confusion akin to Alzheimer’s, so it’s critical to keep them engaged in activities that boost mental acuity.

For example, you may consider setting up an agility course in your home. Sure, space will be necessary for a full course, but you could train in segments. Clicker training is also worthwhile, along with training your cat to walk on leash, play fetch, use the toilet, and more. The power of the feline mind is incredible!

Nutrition Counts

One of the best ways to keep your cat looking sleek and feeling great is, of course, through their diet. Optimal nutrition is a cornerstone of cat health, and we can help you find the right food for your pet (in the exact portions they need). The main reason cats gain weight is overfeeding, so it’s vital to provide just the right amount of calories each day.

Sustainable Cat Health

There are many other ways you can support your cat’s health and wellness. Be sure they have access to high places they can safely climb to, perch on, and take in a view of the surrounding action. Also, if you have a backyard, balcony, or other outdoor space, consider what it might take to design and construct a catio for your pet.

Cats are widely perceived as being independent or even aloof. However, they require and depend on daily interaction with their owners. If we can assist your efforts in cat health, please let us know. We’re always here for your cat!