The Wonderful World of Clicker Training

Clicker training is a great way to train dogs

So, you’ve adopted a new puppy or adult dog. Food, toys, and beds have all been purchased; the first wellness exam is done; parasite protection is covered; microchipping is complete. Next up on the agenda is training, but with so many options available, how do you know which method is right for you?

Time and again, research has shown that animals respond best to positive reinforcement. At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we couldn’t agree more! Clicker training is a popular choice due to its ease and effectiveness – and the fact that it works with both dogs and cats (yes, cats can be trained!).


Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth It?

Self-cleaning and other high-tech litter boxes are all the rage!

Ah, the joys of cat ownership! Purrs and head bumps at the end of a long day, endless lap snuggles, watching their graceful movements, and…picking up their poop? While certainly not the most glamorous part of life with a cat, keeping a clean litter box is essential to their health and comfort. Self cleaning litter boxes can help with this unsavory job, but are these high-tech gadgets really worth the money? Continue…

Creature Comforts: Why Do Cats Knead?

Cats KneadIs there anything sweeter than watching your cozy cat, eyes half-closed, rhythmically kneading their sleeping spot? If the spot happens to be your lap, even better, and completely worth the occasional claw in your thigh.

If you’ve ever wondered why cats knead, you’ve come to the right place. At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we love to explore the fascinating behaviors of our furry friends, and we look forward to sharing our findings with our loyal readers!


The Modern City Feline: Best Practices for Cat Health and Happiness

cat healthDoes your cat meow at the backdoor relentlessly? Depending on the streets located near your urban abode, just letting your pet pop out for a bit may not be an option. This is probably the most salient difference between your cat and their country or suburban relatives. Indeed, most city dwelling cats remain inside the home their entire life, a general boon to overall cat health. But for many discerning, contemporary city cats, it can be hard to keep things fresh for them.