What Is Palliative Care for Cats? When Is It Time to Say Good-Bye?

Thanks to modern veterinary medicine and dedicated owner involvement, the cats in our care continue to live long lives. While longevity is important (who doesn’t want their sweet ball of fluff and fur to live forever?), it is the quality of their last few years, weeks or days that may take precedence.

Whether your cat has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, or they’re simply experiencing age-related illness, palliative cat care may be a great option to consider as the end draws near.

The Fine Lines

Palliative cat care focuses on managing pain and providing every possible comfort measure. This approach allows us to optimize the quality of a cat’s life, ensuring that they are comfortable, happy, and secure.


The Extraordinary World of Cat Whiskers

All mammals are equipped with facial whiskers, except for humans and monotremes (egg-laying predators that include the platypus and echidna). People have facial hair but, sadly, men cannot use their beards to detect movement and negotiate small spaces. Cats, on the other hand, use their fine, sleek whiskers to their advantage all the time. 

Undoubtedly, people love the look of cat whiskers, but aside from their aesthetic qualities, they have functions beyond compare.


All About Tapeworms in Cats and Dogs 

Tapeworms are a common, despite gross, internal parasite that affects cats and dogs. As you may be aware, there are a host of parasites that a pet can be susceptible to when not protected from them. While they may seem relatively harmless, they can cause health issues and become a risk to the people in the household, too. 

Let’s take a closer look at this form of worm and why your pet needs to be protected from acquiring them.


Stranger Than Fiction, These Fun Cat Facts Are Always On Point

There’s a reason we love cats… 

Who are we kidding?  There are dozens of reasons that explain our die-hard affection for felines! They’re cute, of course, but the general drive to provide for cats goes much deeper. Petting and snuggling them can decrease the risk of heart attack and other health calamities, for example. Furthermore, cat ownership triggers the release of oxytocin, the love hormone, a truth that strengthens our bond. 

Of all the other fun cat facts out there, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital hopes the following points reinforce your love of cats, or spur you closer to adoption.