Running With Rover: Running Safely With Your Dog

Running safely with your dog can be great pet exercise.Running with your dog is a great way to bond, get some exercise, and spend time outdoors. Of course, there are always some do’s and don’ts when it comes to any activity that involves your pet. Let the friendly team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital share some tips for running safely with your dog.

Before You Begin

Make an appointment. We recommend your dog have a physical exam before starting any new exercise program, and running is no different. Joint problems, cardiovascular health, and weight all play a factor in whether or not your dog is ready to run with you. A wellness exam is a great place to start.

Get in gear. Truth be told, you don’t need much gear to begin running safely with your dog. A collar and back clip harness are all you really need. Of course, safety items like reflectors and a belt with a clip (for you) are handy, but not essential. Don’t use retractable leashes, as these are unsafe at high speeds and offer little control. Continue…

No Joke: Pets Have a Sense of Humor

pets have a sense of humorFrom giggling rats to Koko the gorilla’s incredible antics, humor in the animal kingdom has long been a fascination of animal behaviorists and researchers. Because humor (specifically laughter) is controlled by several parts of the brain, the physiological component of laughter is housed in an older brain region called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the autonomic nervous system and emotions.

You may have observed times when your pet appears to be smiling or is “embarrassed” when they do something accidentally, like going for a treat and missing the mark. But what about humor and laughter? Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital takes a closer look at animals and whether pets have a sense of humor.


Ask a Yogi: Should You Practice Yoga With Your Pet?

yoga with your petMany people get out their yoga mats at home and go through their own series of poses or put on a video of a trained professional. If they also happen to be pet owners, you can bet that within microseconds, their four-legged furry friend is at least curious about what’s to come – or full-on prepared to get in the way.

A love for all beings is a central part of yoga, so why wouldn’t you practice yoga with your pet?


No Gobbling: Thanksgiving Foods That are Bad for Pets

food bad for petsImagine the scene of the crime: trash can toppled over, bits of foil and plastic wrap spread about the floor, and – you guessed it – a turkey carcass stuffed behind the couch. This is no CSI episode or great mystery; it’s just another case of The Pet Who Stole Thanksgiving Scraps.

As you clean up the mess, you may wonder what and how much your pet ate and whether or not any of it can make them sick. You then rush to Dr. Google to look up all the potential toxins, wondering if you should call your veterinarian (hint: when in doubt, please call us for your pet’s safety).