Pet Grooming in Summer: Should You Shave Your Pet?

Eliminating the dead undercoat not only balances the coat out, but gives your pet a lighter, more breathable coat.Whether we realize it or not, we all try to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. Whether it’s beards, tattoos, or Crossfit, there are definitely things that dazzle the masses and turn simple ideas into full-fledged movements.


Good Hygiene, Good Health: The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

regular pet groomingPets, like people, feel better when they are clean. Whether your pet willingly jumps into the tub or is nowhere to be found when it comes time for a bath, regular pet grooming supports your pet’s mental and physical health. Plus, clean pets typically enjoy extra snuggles and smooches!

There are many great reasons why regular pet grooming is necessary for your furry companion. The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has compiled a few beneficial reasons why grooming goes far beyond keeping your pet smelling good (and that’s certainly a benefit too!).


Listen Up: All About Pet Ear Care

pet ear careAlthough our pet’s ears are a big part of how they communicate and express their individual personality (and not to mention completely adorable!), it’s a good chance we take them for granted. We may stroke, scratch, and admire those precious, silky ears, but beyond that how much thought are we giving to the long term care of these important body parts?

Pet ear care is essential to the ongoing good health of our dogs and cats. Learn the basics of how to clean and care for your pet’s adorable ears with tips from your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital!