Winter Paw Care: How to Protect Your Dog’s Dogs

Winter paw care and pet paw care contribute to pet health

This time of year, you can find most of us bundled up before a fireplace, snuggling under the covers, or drinking something hot and steamy. However, our best canine friends still need to go outside periodically (and maybe some of us also enjoy a good romp in the snow or winter hike!). Of course, we know how to protect ourselves and keep warm during these blustery adventures, but what about our pets?

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we want to highlight how important winter paw care is this time of year. While your dog’s dogs can seem pretty resilient, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.


Is Winter Pet Grooming a Thing?

Winter pet grooming is part of winter pet safety

Unless you’re going to yoga regularly or have a Caribbean cruise scheduled in January, you may opt to skip your monthly pedicure. After all, your toes won’t be on public display this winter. There’s a similar thought process regarding winter pet grooming.

Sure, it makes sense to allow your pet’s coat to grow and thicken up to insulate them from the weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from some professional and personal attention this winter.


Good Hygiene, Good Health: The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

regular pet groomingPets, like people, feel better when they are clean. Whether your pet willingly jumps into the tub or is nowhere to be found when it comes time for a bath, regular pet grooming supports your pet’s mental and physical health. Plus, clean pets typically enjoy extra snuggles and smooches!

There are many great reasons why regular pet grooming is necessary for your furry companion. The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has compiled a few beneficial reasons why grooming goes far beyond keeping your pet smelling good (and that’s certainly a benefit too!).