What Is Palliative Care for Cats? When Is It Time to Say Good-Bye?

Thanks to modern veterinary medicine and dedicated owner involvement, the cats in our care continue to live long lives. While longevity is important (who doesn’t want their sweet ball of fluff and fur to live forever?), it is the quality of their last few years, weeks or days that may take precedence.

Whether your cat has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, or they’re simply experiencing age-related illness, palliative cat care may be a great option to consider as the end draws near.

The Fine Lines

Palliative cat care focuses on managing pain and providing every possible comfort measure. This approach allows us to optimize the quality of a cat’s life, ensuring that they are comfortable, happy, and secure.


When Caring Hurts: Compassion Fatigue Among Veterinary Professionals

compassion fatigueThe depth of love we feel for our animal friends is both astounding and understandable. Our pets fill our homes with joy, laughter, and an incredible bond unlike any other. So, it’s not unusual to feel grief and loss when we must say goodbye to a cherished pet.

For those whose lives are focused on caring for animals, the likelihood of being exposed to these feelings, as well as the day-to-day toll of taking care of terminally ill or sick pets, can be detrimental to well being. Compassion fatigue among veterinary professionals is common but often not discussed. Those on the frontlines of pet health care, such as shelter works, veterinarians and technicians, and caretakers for gravely ill pets, are all at risk of exhaustion and depression.

The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to explore ways to better cope with grief, loss, and other strong feelings in response to caring for pets. It’s our way of supporting those who understand this unique but common situation.


Exploring Pet Grief: Do Pets Grieve Other Pets?

Last week, we took a look at pet grief after the death of an owner. This week, we’ll cover how animals cope with loss that involves another household pet.

What do pets feel when a companion dies? Is there evidence of grief? How can you help a pet cope with such a loss?

Bonding and Animal Emotions

Although we’re still uncertain about how much animals understand the concept of death, we do know animals feel a range of emotions, including grief.