Can Pets Get Lice Like Us?

pets get liceThere are few episodes in life worse than head lice. Not only do you have to treat the person affected by these awful-looking blood suckers, but the entire home – from blankets to upholstery – has to be handled effectively. For a household with animals, this can begin to feel absolutely overwhelming.

The good news is that head lice (the ones that thrive on human blood) don’t bug animals. However, pets get lice of a different kind, as well as other parasites that are definitely problematic.


As Smooth as Ice: Winter Pet Travel and Boarding Tips

The time has come to solidify holiday travel plans, and if you’re a pet owner, this inevitably  includes planning for pets as well. Whether you’re bringing Fido along on a multi-state drive or you’re considering boarding your furry friend while you’re away, our tips for winter pet travel will help you prepare for anything.


Winter Is Coming…Are You Ready For Winter Pet Care?

winter pet careNovember has arrived, and if you’re like most New Yorkers you are probably already ready for winter; the hats, coats, and boots have been pulled out, weatherproofing has been done in the home, and hot chocolate has been stocked up in the pantry. Pets need extra TLC during the colder months as well, and with our winter pet care tips, keeping furry family members warm, dry, and healthy should be a snap!


The Big Brrrr: Surviving Winter With Pets

winter with petsWinter in New York is a lot of things, but warm is not one of them. We do a lot to protect ourselves from inclement weather, and it’s important to take the same considerations when it comes to our four-legged family members.

Make this upcoming winter with pets the best one ever with our tips for safety, grooming, and fun!

Winter Grooming

Many pet owners believe that they can get away with less grooming during the cold weather months, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Making sure your pet’s skin and coat are cared for during winter is extremely important thanks to wind, snow, ice, dampness, salt on the streets and sidewalks, and dry, forced heat air inside our homes.