Laser Therapy for Pets: Battling Pain and Helping Them Heal

Laser therapy for pets is great for pet pain management

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, helping our patients live long, healthy, and happy lives is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on constantly searching for new ways to achieve this goal. Recent advances in pain management, postoperative recovery, and the treatment of chronic and age-related conditions has revolutionized our ability to help our patients heal. Laser therapy for pets is one such modality that we’re excited to share with our readers!

A High-Tech Approach to Healing

Although it may sound complicated or even far fetched, laser therapy for pets (also called cold laser or low level laser therapy) is really quite simple. A handheld laser tool is used to employ a deep penetrating beam of light to a targeted area. This light energy promotes a chain of chemical reactions in the cells known as photobiostimulation, which relieves pain and speeds up the healing process. Laser therapy for pets provides relief in the following ways:


Deaf Dogs, Good Lives

Deaf dogs can live full and happy lives

Do you know any deaf dogs? It’s not that common, but deafness in dogs does exist. Whether a dog is born with a congenital condition that causes deafness from birth, or is a result of illness or injury, they can lead happy – even joyful – lives, with a little help from us. But what do we need to do to ensure our deaf dogs can cope, be safe, and have fun?

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital explores deafness in dogs and how we can help hearing impaired dogs live their best and safest lives.


Keeping Your Senior Pet Safe Through the Summer Months

summer pet safetyIt seems like those of us in the Northeast wait all winter for summer to arrive, only to let the heat of those dog-eat-dog days catch us off guard. With temps well into the 80’s and 90’s and high humidity, there’s no doubt that most of us – and our four-legged crew – will be relaxing in the AC or lounging poolside to cool down.

From ensuring hydration to monitoring for heat-related distress, all pet owners need to take summer safety precautions. However, when it comes to a senior pet, these fiery days can present more serious risks to health and well-being.


Looking to Adopt? Consider a Loveable Senior Pet!

Dog in Car with Sweater during SnowstormIf you have made the wonderful and caring decision to adopt a pet, you may be wondering what type of companion best fits your family. From lifestyle to home space, there are certainly many different factors that influence your decision.

As part of your process, we encourage you to consider the benefits of adopting a senior pet. While a puppy or kitten is undeniably cute, senior pets are often overlooked, despite having so much love and affection to share.