Back to (the New) Normal: Getting Your Pet Used to Being Alone… Again

After months of the stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of getting back to some kind of normal sounds appealing. There will be, of course, a re-adjustment to the old routine, like actually showering before noon. But, we will readjust. 

One thing you may not consider is how your pet will be when you return back to work, and the kids, back to school or summer camp. This is why the team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to assist you in getting your pet used to being alone more often.

Home Alone Blues

If your pet has become used to you being with them all of the time, they will have a big change ahead when life goes back to busy-normal. Some pets may even get separation anxiety, if the transition is abrupt and they are home by themselves much of the day. You often see this during the back to school season with the family Fido. They feel alone and anxious. Where are their people?


5 Lessons Learned From Pets During Quarantine

Most pet owners have wondered (many times a day) what their pets do at home without them all day long. Thanks to lockdown orders, it’s no longer a mysterious situation. 

Over the past few months of spending (almost) every waking moment with pets during quarantine, we’ve learned exactly what they do to pass the time. 

Sure, our observations may now be met with a disdainful gaze or an exasperated sigh. But whether they like it or not (and they totally like our presence 24/7, right?), they’ve taught us a thing or two about life. 


Helping a Pet with Separation Anxiety

Does your pet get anxious and stressed every time you leave? Have you dealt with chewed up carpet, increased accidents, destroyed shoes, or chronic barking? Your pet may suffer from a condition called separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is caused by a number of factors and is frequently diagnosed in dogs (rare in cats). 

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce pet separation anxiety and encourage better health and well-being. Your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital are here to answer some questions about this disorder and what you can do to improve the situation.


Can Your Cell Phone Use Cause Depression in Your Dog?

Cell phone addiction is something that is talked about these days as a growing problem. This is because we rely on our cells not only for communication but also to schedule appointments, surf the news, and post on social media. Where once a telephone served a single purpose, we now rely on smartphones for daily living. 

Unfortunately, being glued to our phones can create problems for our furry friends, too. The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to explain why your cell phone use can cause depression in your dog.