Plant an indoor garden for your cat!

Keeping your cat inside your house or apartment building is arguably the safest choice, but that doesn’t mean that indoor-only cats have it made. Sure, they aren’t exposed to possible threats like being struck by a car, but they can suffer from boredom in an environment that’s always the same. The solution? Try planting an indoor garden for your cat!

Nibbles Anyway

Many house cats tend to find any and all greenery in the home appetizing. Despite the fact that they’re obligate carnivores, felines occasionally enjoy chomping on a bit of fiber. Conscious planting is a great way to stimulate a cat’s senses. Unfortunately, many cats get sick when they eat plants that were never intended to be part of their diet.

It Happens

Cats aren’t immune to the many dangerous properties of toxic household plants. It’s imperative that you only bring into the home plants that are considered “pet-safe.” If you’re ever in doubt, please consult this comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Urban Jungle

Planting an indoor garden for your cat can be quite easy. A few small plants can do the job nicely, but be sure to attach or otherwise secure them to something stable. You could also hang them from plant hangers mounted to the wall or ceiling, just be sure you don’t inadvertently create a hazard for your cat.

Larger plants, like rubber tree plants, money trees, and ponytail palms, add a lot of visual interest while safely satiating your pet’s need to chew on or admire greens. Situated firmly on the floor, large potted plants can give cats wonderful hiding and vantage spots.

Get Their Taste On

There are lots of herbs that are purr-fectly safe for cats. Planting thyme, parsely (great for improving cat breath!), rosemary, mint, and, of course, catnip are great options. Lemongrass can also be a popular addition to your indoor garden for your cat, plus it smells amazing!

We also recommend any of these plants for your cat’s garden:

  • Air plants
  • Ferns
  • Echeveria
  • African violets
  • Spider plants
  • Cliffbrake
  • Chamaedorea
  • Cast iron plant

A Special Indoor Garden for Your Cat

Aside from simply bringing in potted plants or arranging some greenery solely for your cat’s enjoyment, you could devote an entire area to an indoor garden for your cat. Some folks are lucky enough to have a balcony or deck space that can be transformed into a catio or a screened-in/enclosed outdoor area.

Barring that, you could plant an indoor garden for your cat in a low, horizontal planter. Install cat grass or wheatgrass for them to nibble on in the sun (just be sure it’s big enough to accommodate lounging!). Some cat owners upcycle litter boxes, travel kennels, or other containers into truly magical, entertaining, and satisfying places for their cat. The sky’s the limit!

Have Fun!

If you have any questions about creating a safe indoor garden for your cat, please let us know! At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we’re always here for you and your pet!