Safety for pets around the holiday season is always a topic of conversation at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital. Oftentimes, our less traditional pets (think feathered, winged, or scaled) are left out of things. Holiday safety for exotic pets is important, too. Read on for our best pointers for a happy season for all animals, great and small. 

Special Holiday Safety for Exotic Pets

Holiday safety for exotic pets is of particular concern, after all, these unique critters are often forgotten when it comes to public education.

During the holiday season, don’t forget that:

  • Exotic species often explore the world with their mouths. Be sure to limit and supervise exposure to holiday decor like tinsel, ribbon, and other items that come out for the season.
  • Unusual, rough, or excessive handling can be stressful and even dangerous. Be sure to oversee handling by any of your holiday visitors. 
  • Commotion can be distressing. Consider keeping your exotic pet in a quiet, off-limits area during parties or other noisy events. 
  • Fumes from things like oil warmers, scented candles, or incense can have dramatic and even deadly effects on the sensitive respiratory tracts of exotic species. Use particular caution with birds. 
  • Special holiday treats, especially those that are chocolatey or salty, can be tempting, but dangerous, items for pets. Keep them secured and out of reach. 
  • Keep electrical cords can be chewed, putting pets at risk of electric shock. Keep these out of areas that your pet has access to and unplug them when you are not around. 
  • It is important to be sure that anyone caring for your pet while you are away is knowledgeable in their care. Most exotic species do best at home versus boarding at another facility. 

Happy Holidays to All

Despite the extra concerns, the holidays can still be a magical time to share with our pets. Take advantage of the occasion to invest in a new toy for your pet. Be sure it is species appropriate and enriching!

The holiday season can be a bustling time, but it is also a time to be thankful for those important to us. Carve out some time to share with your pets (it might even be a good time to take a cute family photo).

As always, keep our contact information close at hand and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns about your pet. We hope that your holiday season is full of cheer and fun, and above all, safe and healthy!