Natural dog foodThe Fall beauty of Park Slope is ubiquitous. Not only do the stoops and trees explode with color, but our gardens and markets explode with the season’s harvest of fresh fruits and veggies. Luckily, fall’s abundance isn’t limited to human consumption! Check out any local farmer’s markets (or your very own garden!) for pet-friendly freshness, and you’ll have healthy pet treats covered for the season to come.

The Cornucopia Effect

While your pet’s singular nutritional needs dictate what types of seasonal snacks you can offer, the following veggies are generally considered safe-to-eat crowd-pleasers:

  • Carrots – Raw, steamed, or even frozen, carrots pack loads of delicious nutrition for your pet.
  • Cauliflower or broccoli – While too much can result in gratuitous flatulence, your pet can truly benefit from these cruciferous veggies. Cut into small pieces and serve lightly steamed or raw among your dog’s meal.
  • Cabbage – Not just for your little dachshund or German shepherd, cabbage is a super tasty appetizer for all pets. Full of cancer-fighting nutrients, cabbage should be served in lighter portions to reduce stomach upset and excess gas.
  • Red peppers – Tantalizingly sweet, crunchy, and satisfying, your pet will likely beg you for more bite-size pieces.
  • The Pumpkin Patch

    Could there be a more autumnal pet treat than a fat orange pumpkin? Fresh pumpkin can quickly be turned into an indulgent treat for any pet, especially when combining it with peanut butter and sweet potato, like in these homemade dog treats.

    Or, after you harvest pumpkins, steam and puree the meat and add a bit to your pet’s meals. Freeze puree into single-serving ice cubes and add to your pet’s bowl every night for extra tasty nutrition. This can help with weight management as pumpkins are high in water and fiber. Yum!


    One of the best fresh pet treats this fall is out in the orchard, and we can’t wait to fill our baskets at one of the pick-your-own  farms. Most dogs love fresh apples! Whether it’s a honey crisp or an Acey May, apples are one of the best healthy pet treats out there. Make sure your pet’s apple bite-size, as choking can be a hazard, and free of seeds.

    Healthy Pet Treats

    While all of these fresh pet treats are certainly available at any grocery store throughout the year, fall’s harvest is especially tasty, nutritious, and safe for your pet munch on. If you have any questions about healthy pet treats, have your own tasty fresh pet treats to share, or need help evaluating the best harvest snacks for your pet, let us know!