As long as a person can provide food, comfort, and medical care, they should be allowed to keep as many pets as they like, right? In a world like Dr. Doolittle’s, this could work out – but that doesn’t mean it should in reality. 

Some well-meaning individuals take rescuing a little too far, and before they know it they have a situation on their hands not unlike hoarding. We’ve all heard of the crazy cat lady, but at what point does adoption go over the line? 

In other words, how many pets is too many pets?

Basic Needs

Some dwellings (and their surrounding areas) can definitely support larger numbers of pets. And, as long as an owner can provide a clean home, preventive health care, emergency services, healthy food, clean water, and a disease-free environment, there aren’t any limit laws in New York. However, if they are behind on bills, or lack attention to their own mental and physical health, an owner like this probably has too many pets.

Furthermore, if a pet is only seen for emergency help, or an owner denies that their pet has a health condition, hoarding may be naturally suspected.

Unintentional Neglect

Some people simply love pets, but sometimes that affection can create problems for the animals in question. With so many pets to care for, it can become impossible to meet the needs of each one. As a result, unintentional neglect or possible animal abuse can occur.

Too Many Pets?

The signs of animal abuse are much more obvious when a dog is left alone in all kinds of weather, attached to a tether, without any shelter. However, the signs of trying to care for too many pets are far more subtle. It’s important to question a group’s environment, lifestyles, sanitation, and whether they’re allowed their own space. Can their owner provide care in the case of emergency?

Spay and Neuter 

When too many pets are kept in a home, or are allowed to freely roam the neighborhood, the risks to public safety are significant. Unfortunately, when someone has too many pets it’s likely because they neglected to spay or neuter the original parents. Subsequent litters can ultimately become problems for neighbors, business owners, and city workers to solve.

The List Always Grows

While the state doesn’t actively enforce limitations on how many pets you can have, pet owners should always read up on their municipality’s rules and regulations. Licensing, ID tags, microchips, vaccinations, and other components are absolute musts when it comes to properly caring for a pet. Plus, depending on where you live, you may be limited to a species or number, required to pay pet deposits, if you’re even allowed by the building to have pets at all.

Keepin’ It Real

If our veterinarians and staff members can assist you with additional questions or concerns about the size of your pet menagerie, please let us know. We’re always here for you at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital.