Winter pet grooming is part of winter pet safety

Unless you’re going to yoga regularly or have a Caribbean cruise scheduled in January, you may opt to skip your monthly pedicure. After all, your toes won’t be on public display this winter. There’s a similar thought process regarding winter pet grooming.

Sure, it makes sense to allow your pet’s coat to grow and thicken up to insulate them from the weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from some professional and personal attention this winter.

No Lapses

Certainly, there are many things that demand our time, attention, and money around the holidays, but tending to your pet should remain a top priority. Year-round care means your pet will not only look better, but they’ll feel better, as well. Plus, when it’s cold and wet outside, you have to protect them from the elements and from the effects of warm, dry air inside the home.

Built Right In

Winter pet grooming doesn’t have to add more time to your existing routine. Just like during warmer months, brushing out your pet’s coat in the winter is a required component of home care. Frequent brushing reduces the amount of seasonal shedding and helps distribute the skin’s natural oils, minimizing dry, flaky skin.

If your pet has a dense undercoat, regular brushing decreases the prevalence of mats, tangles, and accumulated dirt or debris. Also, this routine activity can alert you to any developing issues, like lumps, bumps, injuries, and more. Winter pet grooming shows you care and strengthens the bond you have with your best friend.

Real Insulating

Dog coats, jackets, sweaters, and vests look great, and they’re practical, too. Some dogs depend on extra insulation during the winter, so stocking up on cold-weather gear is an excellent idea. However, since clothing constantly rubs against their coat and skin, be sure to give them a break from clothing when they’re at home. If your pet does get cold inside, snuggle them!

Layers of Winter Pet Grooming

Aside from tending to their coat, winter pet grooming should also take into account the following:

  • Nails – The cold weather can make your dog’s nails brittle; be sure to keep their nails short.
  • Paws – Take care of your pet’s feet this winter by rinsing off salt, ice, gravel, and snow. Pat dry, and keep the hairs between the pads trimmed. Invest in booties if your pet will tolerate them.
  • Teeth – It’s true – routine attention to your pet’s dental health is a major part of winter pet grooming. Keep those pearly whites healthy by brushing and scheduling professional exams and cleanings.
  • Eyes/ears – Your pet’s eyes should always be clear and bright in appearance. Likewise, healthy ears shouldn’t smell or produce discharge.

All Year Round

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we’re here for you and your pet all year long. If you have additional questions about winter pet grooming or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call.