Out and About: The Rules and Limits of Dogs in Restaurants

Having dogs in restaurants can be fun for pets and owners, but is it sanitary?

Dining with dogs sounds like a great idea, but is it truly as fun as it sounds? For well-behaved, fully vaccinated dogs and canine lovers, it’s a dream come true. For everyone else, well, dogs in restaurants are tolerated as long as they abide by the rules enforced by the Health Department. The al fresco experience isn’t lost on dogs, and when it’s done the right way (at the right place), everyone wins.

State and City

A few years ago, New York state legislature passed a bill that eased restrictions for dogs accompanying their owners on the patio or outdoor seating area. It’s been three years now since NYC’s health department followed suit, but each individual establishment can decide if they want to allow dogs on their property.


How to Spot Animal Abuse (and How You Can Help)

Animal abuse is an epidemic and can affect an adopted pet's behavior and health

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a responsible and loving pet owner who wants the best for their furry companion. If everyone felt this way, the world would be a better place, but unfortunately, animal cruelty continues to happen every day.

Animal abuse and neglect can take many forms and may occur for different reasons; situations can range from a lack of financial resources or education to mental illness or premeditated cruelty (e.g., dog fighting rings). Knowing how to identify abuse is key to protecting these vulnerable animals.


Are Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth It?

Self-cleaning and other high-tech litter boxes are all the rage!

Ah, the joys of cat ownership! Purrs and head bumps at the end of a long day, endless lap snuggles, watching their graceful movements, and…picking up their poop? While certainly not the most glamorous part of life with a cat, keeping a clean litter box is essential to their health and comfort. Self cleaning litter boxes can help with this unsavory job, but are these high-tech gadgets really worth the money? Continue…

What Does it Mean? A Service Dog Without Their Owner May Need Your Help!

A service dog without their owner may approach to ask for help

Service animals assist people with disabilities and are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Permitted by law to enter any and all public places with their handlers, service dogs have very serious jobs. After rigorous obedience training, these dedicated dogs carry out necessary, life-sustaining tasks and can seek help should an emergency arise. However, if you ever see a service dog without their owner, it could mean they need your help right away.

What Does a Service Dog Look Like?

There are obvious markers of a dog who’s working for a human handler. Most notably, they sport a colorful vest that clearly states they’re a service dog. They will appear calm at all times, and they’re trusty, dependable, and competent. However, that’s where the similarities end. As far as the ADA is concerned, service dogs can be any breed, weight, size, or age. Continue…