pet boardingWhen you have to be away from home, you want 100% assurance that your pet is in the best possible situation. That could mean remaining at home with a pet sitter, but a high-quality pet boarding facility is also a good option. There’s a lot to consider when choosing between the two, and once the decision is made, significant preparations must begin.

Do Your Homework

About a year ago, dozens of local headlines sent shockwaves through the pet care world: pet sitting was against the law in New York. Wait, what?! Luckily, the headlines weren’t entirely accurate. Professionals went to great lengths to prove that while pet sitting is not illegal, commercial pet boarding at one’s home most certainly is.

The good news is that there’s no shortage of pet sitters with business licenses and insurance policies throughout the burroughs – and when they come to your home, it’s perfectly legitimate.

Not to Mention Convenient

Choosing a pet sitter can be as easy as hiring a friend or acquaintance to come to your home to care for your pet. Of course, you’ll want to go through a checklist to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness. Having a professionally licensed and insured pet sitter visit or stay with your pet has wonderful benefits, such as:

  • Your pet receives personalized attention and care in the comfort of their home environment (no cold kennels!).
  • Your pet is able to maintain their daily routine so there are no weird transition periods.
  • You have complete peace of mind knowing your pet (and your home) are being cared for in your absence.
  • You can receive daily communications about your pet, including pictures or videos detailing their activities and welfare.
  • You can leave detailed instructions for your pet sitter to call us for veterinary services or if you’d like your pet groomed before you come home.

When Pet Boarding is Appropriate

Professional pet boarding businesses have really upped their game over the last decade or so. Depending on what your pet needs, you can choose individual housing, shared play opportunities like doggie daycare, or customized care plans for pets with special needs. Plus, many offer immediate access to medical care if any is needed while you’re away.

Before You Go

Preparing for a pet sitter is similar to what you’d have to do for a pet boarding facility. This involves:

  • Making accommodations as soon as you know you’re leaving
  • Showing proof that all vaccinations are current
  • Affixing new ID tags if old ones are worn
  • Updating microchip information
  • Preparing all food and medications
  • Packing any comforting bedding or toys
  • Providing copies of prescriptions and/or medical records
  • Touring the facility with your pet beforehand (if boarding)
  • Introducing your pet to the sitter in a positive, relaxed environment (if pet sitting)

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you’ll contact us with any questions about the pro’s and con’s related to pet boarding vs. pet sitting. Bon voyage!