pet wellnessTruly, all a pet really desires is your love and attention, and yet, the holidays inspire us to give, give, give. Nothing wrong with that! But somehow, shopping for your sweet pet hasn’t happened yet. Likewise, your best intentions to design/make custom toys or bake treats haven’t aligned with how little time and energy you have this time of year. You’re not alone. For all pet owners out there looking for some last minute ideas, we offer a few pet gifts you can take care of right now.

Scan the Shelves

Your pet might be due for some new stuff. Luckily, pet stores big and small have increased their stock to accommodate your pet’s wish list. Whether it’s a new bed, pet sofa, water fountain, food dispenser, an elevated dish stand, or winter and snow gear, we’re sure your pet will be happy to receive something they need and want.

Think About Exercise

Many apartment pets struggle with boredom throughout the day. There are fabulous dog walking/pet sitting organizations you may want to consider as one of your pet gifts this year. Likewise, a pet treadmill helps keep them active and fit all winter long.

Out and About

Have you seen the sleepypod? Perfect for travel, sleeping, and safety, this is one of the best last minute pet gifts out there.

Along the same lines, if you’re planning on any type of travel this coming year, give your pet a new harness, collar, leash, tags, and a microchip if needed.

Commit to Wellness

It may not be something your pet unwraps on Christmas Day, but setting aside some money to pay for upcoming wellness exams, dental cleanings and procedures, or emergency care is a responsible choice.

Just for Cats

Felines love new catnip toys, feather chasers, laser pointers, window perches, and scratching posts. You could also treat them (and yourself) by installing a new litter box area that’s very private.

Super Yummy Pet Gifts

Do you know a pet who shuns homemade treats? We don’t! Check out these recipes for the best last minute (edible) pet gifts:

Open Heart Holidays

Above all, spend extra time with your pet this holiday season. Your dog may enjoy a festive stroll (oh, the smells and exercise!) followed by a grooming session, play time, and hours snuggling together.

Similarly, cats deserve the same type of affection and attention. No matter how you decide to lavish them with pet gifts, as long as they’re safe, comfortable, and happy, so are we!

As always, we hope you’ll contact us with any questions or concerns. Happy holidays from Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital!