Pet safety should be considered when doing home repairs and projectsIf you’re itching to build that deck you’ve always dreamed of or if you just feel inspired to change the landscape this season, pet safety and summer projects is a must for all pet owners.

As you can imagine, many indoor and outdoor projects can get messy and are oftentimes danger zones for kids, both furry and human. From tools to debris, projects require a lot of clean-up and a considerable amount of diligence in keeping things safe for people and pets alike.

If you’re thinking about a summer project, the team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has some pet safety tips to keep in mind.  

Home Renovation and Other Indoor Projects

If you’ve been putting off remodeling that old kitchen or bathroom that’s been a glaring eyesore for years (and we don’t blame you!), now may be the time to do it. Sometimes, home renovation is necessary, but it can bring a lot of stress!  

Even if it’s not an entire remodel, summer often inspires indoor projects to make the home fresh and clean. Here are some tips to protect your pet during this process:

  • Minimize stress. Renovations can be stressful for pets, and more so for cats! Find a space where your pet can get away from the noise and mess; provide all their toys, bed, and other comforts to keep things as consistent as possible.
  • Supervise. If your pet is out during the project, make sure you know what they’re doing, and deter them from any dangerous chemicals, tools, etc.
  • Consider boarding. If the renovation is too much for your pet or if you have no safe place for them to be, consider the boarding services of a reputable provider or ask a trusted friend or family member.
  • Be mindful of toxins. Painting usually gets messy (just take a look at your clothes!). If your fur friend decides to help, don’t just take photos of those paw prints across the tile – make sure you clean your pet right away! Also be wary of other toxins like paint thinner, grout, primer, etc.
  • Invest in baby gates. If you still want your pet to have some degree of freedom during the project, enlist the help of baby gates to keep them away from certain areas.  
  • Clean up! Nails, glass, debris, and other sharp, small objects can easily become a temptation and hazard to little paws. Clean up right after the project is done or when you’re ready to stop for the day.

Backyard Revamp: Pet Safety for Summer Projects

If you’re working outdoors, you’ll need to make adjustments to your pet’s accessibility. Landscaping and other major projects require a lot of work, but keeping your pet safe is easy!

  • Plant only pet-friendly plants. Check out this list of non-toxic plants beforehand.
  • Avoid a missing pet scare. Have your pet microchipped, and be aware of gates that may need to be opened frequently. Have your pet stay inside, if needed.

If you’re building a deck or outdoor structure, the same rules apply when it comes to clean-up. Bring any outdoor kitties inside, as the disruption can cause them to run away; always keep a close eye on the family dog.

We hope you have a great time this summer tackling some new projects. Just remember to keep pet safety a top priority! If we can answer any questions, please give us a call.