The windows are all dressed up, the bells are ringing on every corner, and everywhere we look, we’re filled with a sense of wonder. Holidays in the city are full of sparkle and delight, but all this excitement may come at a price. To reduce the stress of holiday shopping, some have turned to the internet and online browsing. However, if you were to take your pet shopping with you, any worried, anxious, and stressed out feelings could vanish like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Why You Should

Have you ever noticed that animals inside shops change the general feeling of the place? Bookstore cats, for example, add an additional cozy quality to the environment, and customers even develop bonds with them.

If your pet is the kind to truly embrace all kinds of action, smells, and other stimuli, then holiday shopping together might be the antidote you’ve been looking for. In other words, a pet who normally ventures out and about with you should be successful while holiday browsing.

Taking your own pet shopping can bring feelings of contentment that are unparalleled during the busiest time of the year. Lowered blood pressure and heart rate along with decreased stress and anxiety make for a happier shopper.

A True Comfort

If your pet is being good enough to offer you a steady gaze and constant emotional support while negotiating a public space, there are certainly things you can do in return so that holiday shopping is safe:

  • Always have them on leash or contained in a travel crate, kennel, backpack, etc.
  • Make sure your pet is welcome before entering a store, booth, vendor, etc.
  • Try to see what your pet is seeing to mitigate potential run-ins or mishaps.
  • Be certain that your pet can handle exposure to other pets, wild animals (squirrel!), kids, loud traffic, music, and more.
  • Be watchful of anything your pet tries to pick up with their mouth. From toxic food to trash, your pet could land in some hot holiday water.
  • Speaking of that, be careful while holding your hot beverage and a leash in the same hand!
  • Remain vigilant of your pet’s behavior. Certain subtle cues can reveal that your pet is tired, cold, unhappy, scared, or stressed.
  • Outfit your pet appropriately. Vests, booties, and sweaters can keep them comfortable while hitting the red and white striped tents.
  • Keep your pet going strong with consistent water breaks, rests, and if it’s time for their meal, do not delay!
  • When you take your pet shopping, go in small increments whenever possible. Break up the day with opportunities to play, run, and let loose a bit.

Take Your Pet Shopping? Yes!

While you’re going through your list, don’t forget to pick up a few goodies for your best friend. Whether you’re hitting up Bryant Park, the Shops at Columbus Circle, or dog-friendly Lord & Taylor, see what you can also find for your furry companion!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about taking your pet shopping, we’re happy to assist you. Have fun, be safe, and happy holidays!