As the holiday season is wrapping up, most of us tend to become reflective about the year past. It’s natural to think back about the celebrations, the joys, and also the challenges and new changes that inevitably come with the passing of time. 

As we reflect back on the year here at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital we can’t help but be grateful for you, our clients and friends. We’re also looking back at our pet blog and hope that you have found useful, fun, and interesting content there. If you missed some of it, we are celebrating by sharing our top 5 pet care blogs of 2019, here. 

Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital Top 5 Most-Read Blogs Of 2019

5. The Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11
While every American is deeply proud of the heroism displayed by firefighters, police, and emergency medical technicians, the brave, dedicated, and tireless search and rescue dogs truly capture the hearts of millions. Keep reading…

4. No Joke: Pet’s Have a Sense of Humor
You may have observed times when your pet appears to be smiling or is “embarrassed” when they do something accidentally, like going for a treat and missing the mark. But what about humor and laughter?  Read on!

3. Under the Influence: A Hard Look at Catnip and Cats
Most people recognize the powerful role catnip can play in a cat’s life, but lesser known are the reasons why the herb makes cats giddy, ecstatic, playful, or sleepy. The human equivalent to catnip could be the hallucinogen LSD, although the effects on your cat are much shorter, lasting about 15 minutes. Meow?

2. Why do Dogs Love Balls? Examining a Truly Fantastic Phenomenon
There’s really nothing easier – or, frankly, more fun – than playing fetch with a dog. Sure, some pups are more enthused by the activity than others. But generally speaking, this age-old past time hits all the spots. While sticks are a sure runner-up, balls are always number one with the canine set. Read more…

1. Virus Watch: Canine Distemper and Parvo
It stinks to have a sick dog. It stinks even more when your dog becomes ill with something that was preventable. Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, many serious diseases that were once a death sentence to infected dogs are now almost totally avoidable. Canine parvo and distemper virus are both diagnoses which we are happy to say we don’t have to make very often these days. Keep reading…

A Year To Celebrate

As you reflect back on your year, we hope that many of your happy memories are with your loving pet. We get to see the joy they bring every day, one of the things that makes our job so enjoyable. We look forward to helping you care for your pet in the coming year and beyond.

If you have suggestions for blog topics in the coming year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. From your team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, have a very Happy New Year!