Throw Me a Bone, Man: Dogs and Real Bones

Dogs and real bones can cause a pet emergency

The iconic image of a happy dog with a bone in his mouth is one with which we are all very familiar. While a meaty bone from your dinner plate may seem like the perfect treat for man’s best friend, there are some things to take into consideration before letting your pet indulge. Dogs and real bones aren’t always a match made in heaven, and Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants you to be privy to why that’s the case.

When Dogs and Real Bones Don’t Mix

Throwing your dog a bone may have some legit benefits. Chewing on a bone can provide some relief from boredom, be a source of valuable minerals, and support dental health. There are some serious risks associated with the practice, though, that should be taken into consideration.


When Flexibility Takes a Toll: The Not-So-Obvious Dangers of Retractable Leashes

Retractable leashes are convenient but pose safety risks too When you think about your dog’s leash, are you inconvenienced by its sheer lack of complication, or are you rather pleased by the inherent simplicity? It’s amazing to think that something as streamlined as a 6-foot leash requires improvement, but then again the concept of retractable leashes has a place in modern dog ownership. This great debate will continue, but we should all be aware of the hidden dangers associated with retractable leashes.

Is This a Controversy?

Many dog owners are absolutely devoted to retractable leashes, and when used properly, they can be highly convenient. They shouldn’t be used when walking along busy roads, through pedestrian traffic, or near any other potential hazards, like construction sites. They should never be attached to a choke collar. Continue…

Running With Rover: Running Safely With Your Dog

Running safely with your dog can be great pet exercise.Running with your dog is a great way to bond, get some exercise, and spend time outdoors. Of course, there are always some do’s and don’ts when it comes to any activity that involves your pet. Let the friendly team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital share some tips for running safely with your dog.

Before You Begin

Make an appointment. We recommend your dog have a physical exam before starting any new exercise program, and running is no different. Joint problems, cardiovascular health, and weight all play a factor in whether or not your dog is ready to run with you. A wellness exam is a great place to start.

Get in gear. Truth be told, you don’t need much gear to begin running safely with your dog. A collar and back clip harness are all you really need. Of course, safety items like reflectors and a belt with a clip (for you) are handy, but not essential. Don’t use retractable leashes, as these are unsafe at high speeds and offer little control. Continue…

Surf, Sand, and Splashin’: Beach Safety for Dogs

beach safety for dogsOne of the greatest pastimes you can enjoy with your dog is heading to the beach for a day of running, wading, and hanging out together. Whether you choose Brooklyn Bridge Park, a day trip to Montauk, or other waterfronts, these beautiful fall days offer a lot of variety for outdoor entertainment while watching the waves come in.

Most pets (and people) enjoy our great beachfronts, and the opportunity for dog-friendly activities are many. Although your dog may be one of the most nautical canines around, there are several considerations all owners should take for everyone’s safety and fun.

To encourage beach safety for dogs, your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital have a few tips to help you and your best friend enjoy the shoreline together.