Travel with Pets

Tyson, the happiest camper.

Summer is nearly upon us, and with it vacations. In my house, no one looks forward to the family summer vacation more than the dog. Whether your idea of relaxing summer travel is a rental on the Jersey shore or hiking in the Canadian Rockies, bringing the whole family along, including hirsute quadrupeds, is part of the fun. Here are a few things worth keeping in mind. Continue…

Lyme Disease and Pets, What Is the Deal?

Lyme Disease and Pets, What Is the Deal?

Female deer tick

Lyme disease is a potentially serious infection caused by the bacteria Borelia burgedoferi and transmitted by the deer tick or black legged tick, Ixodes scapularis.  In this article, I will attempt to explain the differences and similarities between this disease in people and in dogs, the best preventative measures, and testing and treatment of veterinary patients.

The Northeast United States has the highest incidence of Lyme disease. The Center for Disease Control has collected a great deal of information on the condition as it affects people. The veterinary community also has paid special attention to this infection in recent years, developing a much better understanding of the disease, tests to help us identify affected patients, and preventative measures including highly effective tick control and vaccinations against the bacteria.