Fun Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pet 

The holidays are about family, friends, and celebrating the season with those we love most. And of course, this includes our pets. The season wouldn’t be the same without them, but if you find yourself rushing to one party after another, shopping till you drop, and falling head first into the holiday hustle and bustle, your loving pet may feel a little left behind. 

Instead, the team at  Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has come up with some fun ways to celebrate the holidays with your pet (while keeping them happy and healthy at the same time)!


Prevent an Emergency With Our Holiday Pet Safety Guide

It’s hard to imagine that a season dedicated to celebrating life, family, health, and happiness might have dire consequences. The truth is, however, the holidays can put a curious pet in absolute peril. While owners commonly seek to include their family pet in the festivities, ignoring the basic tenets of holiday pet safety can be sheer folly.

Setting the Scene

We love the holidays and enjoy offering tips for winter safety and how to have a pet friendly holiday. However, we also know the holidays are incredibly demanding of your time and attention, and it’s hard for a pet to compete. To get a firm handle on holiday pet safety, your pet’s needs should remain a top priority with adherence to everyday routine.