Pet Safety and Summer Projects

Pet safety should be considered when doing home repairs and projectsIf you’re itching to build that deck you’ve always dreamed of or if you just feel inspired to change the landscape this season, pet safety and summer projects is a must for all pet owners.

As you can imagine, many indoor and outdoor projects can get messy and are oftentimes danger zones for kids, both furry and human. From tools to debris, projects require a lot of clean-up and a considerable amount of diligence in keeping things safe for people and pets alike.

If you’re thinking about a summer project, the team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital has some pet safety tips to keep in mind.   Continue…

Spring Pet Safety: Preparing for Fun in the Sun

Each season has its attributes, but spring is truly unique as life emerges from winter’s slumber. What could be better than opening all your windows to let in a nice breeze or taking your pet for a stroll through the city? Indeed, it’s the time of year bookended by extremes, when we can really relax, breathe deeply, and wax poetic on nature’s gifts. However, without taking into consideration certain spring pet safety measures, those poetic moments could end abruptly at the emergency room.