Don’t Leave Me! The Overly Affectionate Cat

Most of us love to cuddle and pet our cats. In fact, studies show that petting cats can increase the human animal bond and reduce our stress and anxiety. Although cats are individuals and enjoy different degrees of attention, they all need social contact with us in order to thrive. 

But what if your cat suddenly becomes overly affectionate? Let’s explore the reasons and what to do if you have an overly affectionate cat.


Spreading Good Cheer: How to Help Pets in Need

Many of us are deeply concerned about the plight of homeless animals, and as families gather along with their pets to celebrate the holidays, it can be a particularly troubling thought.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to help pets in need. Your efforts, both large and small, can make a huge impact in the lives of animals in our community or beyond.