Dogs Behaving Badly: All About Small Dog Aggression

Have you ever wondered if your small dog thinks she’s bigger than she is? Sometimes small dogs seem to have more attitude than seems sensible, given their size. And this begs the famous stereotype – that small dogs are more aggressive than big dogs.

Small dogs have the reputation of being ankle biters, yappers, and more excitable and anxious than big dogs. But is small dog aggression real? Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital explores this common thought.


Ask a Vet: Why do Dogs Turn Circles Before Lying Down?

dogs turn circlesNearly every dog owner is familiar with the ritual: your dog is getting ready for a snooze, but before settling down, there will be one, two, or three (or more!) circles. Fido may even scratch the bed or carpet a few times, just for good measure. But is there another meaning behind this strange and uniquely canine custom?

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we love all dogs, and decoding their interesting behaviors is a challenge we gladly accept! Let’s investigate why dogs turn circles before lying down.