Winter Paw Care: How to Protect Your Dog’s Dogs

Winter paw care and pet paw care contribute to pet health

This time of year, you can find most of us bundled up before a fireplace, snuggling under the covers, or drinking something hot and steamy. However, our best canine friends still need to go outside periodically (and maybe some of us also enjoy a good romp in the snow or winter hike!). Of course, we know how to protect ourselves and keep warm during these blustery adventures, but what about our pets?

At Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital, we want to highlight how important winter paw care is this time of year. While your dog’s dogs can seem pretty resilient, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.


Troubled Waters: Saltwater Poisoning in Pets

Saltwater poisoning in pets is a threat to pet health and outdoor pet funWhen we think of beach and ocean safety, certain ideas immediately come to mind – drowning, sunburns, jellyfish, etc. Drinking too much salt water generally isn’t one of them, but for our pets, this should be of particular concern.

Saltwater poisoning in pets is a serious and often overlooked risk. Review our beach safety tips to keep your day at the shore from turning into a tragedy.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Ingesting too much saltwater is toxic to dogs, cats, and humans. When the intestines contain excess salt (a condition known as hypernatremia), it causes water from the bloodstream to enter into the intestines. Many problems can result from hypernatremia, including death in extreme cases. Continue…

Surf, Sand, and Splashin’: Beach Safety for Dogs

beach safety for dogsOne of the greatest pastimes you can enjoy with your dog is heading to the beach for a day of running, wading, and hanging out together. Whether you choose Brooklyn Bridge Park, a day trip to Montauk, or other waterfronts, these beautiful fall days offer a lot of variety for outdoor entertainment while watching the waves come in.

Most pets (and people) enjoy our great beachfronts, and the opportunity for dog-friendly activities are many. Although your dog may be one of the most nautical canines around, there are several considerations all owners should take for everyone’s safety and fun.

To encourage beach safety for dogs, your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital have a few tips to help you and your best friend enjoy the shoreline together.