Natural Flea and Tick Treatment:  Too Good to be True?

Most people don’t care for the idea of loading up themselves or their pets with chemicals and medications…but people don’t want their pets hosting parasites either. When it comes to natural flea and tick treatment, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to help set the record straight.


The Essentials: Why Year-Round Pet Parasite Prevention Is Necessary

Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other annoying pests are an everyday fact of life. Unfortunately, these parasites pose a serious risk to our pets all year long, and the protection of your whole family (two- and four-legged members), as well as the surrounding community, depend on year-round pet parasite prevention.

The Trouble with Parasites

Anyone who has had an encounter with a parasite can attest to what bothersome critters they are. However, dealing with an itchy bite pales in comparison to the diseases that some parasites carry and pass along to pets and people.

Read This Before You Stop Your Pet’s Parasite Prevention

Golden RetrieverGenerally speaking, humans like to compartmentalize various tasks by time of day, day of the week, and month of the year. Yes, there are items on the to-do list that only surface seasonally. We don’t tend to our garden patches in winter, for instance, or hang up holiday lights in August. But, there are some tasks that should be a year-round priority, and these include preventing parasites from harming your pet.

Contrary to popular belief, parasite prevention is important throughout the year, not just between the months of April and October. Continue…