Frito Feet: Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Corn Chips 

Pet owners know that putting up with certain smells is par for the course. But if you’ve snuggled up on the couch with your best pal and noticed a corn chip smell, you may have looked at your snack bowl instead. If that’s the case, you may have already figured out that the corn chip smell is emanating from… your pet’s feet! That’s right, Frito feet is a thing.

But what causes this phenomenon? And should we be doing something about it? Keep reading for some explanation and tips from Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital


Beat the Heat with Summer Paw Care

summer paw careWith all of the daily wear and tear they receive, pet paws sure take a beating. Although they seem tough as nails, paw pads are actually quite sensitive and are constantly at risk of injury, burn, dryness, or cracking. The summer months can be particularly hard on them, making summer pet paw care an essential component of responsible pet ownership.