Natural Flea and Tick Treatment:  Too Good to be True?

Most people don’t care for the idea of loading up themselves or their pets with chemicals and medications…but people don’t want their pets hosting parasites either. When it comes to natural flea and tick treatment, Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to help set the record straight.


Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets

Rodenticide Poisoning in PetsRats, mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests are big problems in any urban environment, and many people turn to pesticides to keep these annoying critters out of their home.

Although it’s understandable to want to keep your home pest-free, insecticide and rodenticide poisoning in pets is a serious problem. Follow our tips to protect your pets, while keeping your home and family safe at the same time.


Essential Oils and Pets: Harmful or Helpful?

Essential Oils and PetsPerusing the aisles of many pharmacies, you’re likely to come across small vials of essential oils and products regaling their cure-all properties. From eliminating nausea to decreasing anxiety, essential oils have been used for generations as folk remedies but are now all the rage. Many people claim to benefit from their use, so it’s no surprise these oils are fast becoming accepted for medicinal use among pets.

Essential oils and pets may be touted as an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, but are they entirely safe? The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to help pet owners become more knowledgeable about essential oils and the possible danger they can pose to our animal friends.


Celebrate The Furry Festivus With DIY Pet Gifts!

DIY pet giftsThe holiday shopping season is well under way, and if you’re like most American pet owners you’ve probably decided to get your pet at least one gift this year. If you just can’t bear to add another item to your (real or virtual) shopping cart, consider using your hands to craft something special for your furry best pal. Your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital have put together a list of our favorite DIY pet gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest pet (and owner)!