Allergic Reaction or Pet Poisoning? Both are a Pet Emergency!

It’s just another normal day at home when all of a sudden, you start to notice your pet acting a little funny. What’s going on? A closer look at their general appearance and behavior may reveal they’re unwell, but without a concrete understanding of what’s behind vague symptoms, you’re stumped.

In some cases, you could have a bona fide pet emergency on your hands. Was your pet exposed to something toxic? Are they having a serious allergic reaction to something? The answer may surprise you. Either way, it’s a situation that requires quick thinking and immediate action.


Love is in the Air: How to Avoid a Pet Emergency on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single, engaged, or otherwise attached, there’s no avoiding Valentine’s Day. Once a small holiday meant to honor a saint, Valentine’s Day has become an enormous event that people prepare for weeks in advance. Chocolates, homemade cards, candles, and flowers all go a long way toward professing love, but what happens when a pet gets into the mix? Yes, love is in the air, but a true pet emergency could also be afoot.

Cocoa Culprits

From exquisite truffles to M&M’s, people love chocolate. Unfortunately, the chemical compounds – theobromine and caffeine – found in chocolate treats are responsible for large numbers of accidental pet poisonings. Both of these alkaline substances cannot be effectively metabolized by pets, and have the potential to cause vomiting, heart arrhythmia, and seizures when absorbed by the bloodstream.