Added Value? Understanding Nutritional Supplements for Pets

Perusing the aisles of your favorite pet supply store, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the choices of available supplements. Multi-vitamins, products for joint support, dental health additives, powders to help keep your pet’s urine from browning your lawn – the list is exhausting.

When faced with the overabundance of nutritional supplements for pets that are available, how are you to know what your pet needs or what is even safe? Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital is here to help you sort through it all.


Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth: A Primer

We all love our pets, and we do our best to give them a happy and healthy life, but looking in their mouth may be one of the things we don’t even think about. Unless we’ve noticed less than fresh breath, so to speak, we may not realize that our pets have dental disease, one of the most common conditions affecting pets today.

So common, in fact, that by the age of 3, over 85% of pets have some form of dental disease. And dental disease is not only painful for your pet, it can cause swollen and bleeding gums, difficulty eating, bacterial infection in the mouth, and even systemic disease of the heart, liver, and kidneys.

In addition to regular dental exams and professional dental cleanings, brushing your pet’s teeth at home on a daily basis is one of the best ways to prevent the plaque and tartar buildup that causes dental disease. If you just rolled your eyes, laughed, or sighed when we mentioned brushing your pet’s teeth, bear with us! It’s really not as hard as you think, and we’re here to give you our best tips.


Listen Up: All About Pet Ear Care

pet ear careAlthough our pet’s ears are a big part of how they communicate and express their individual personality (and not to mention completely adorable!), it’s a good chance we take them for granted. We may stroke, scratch, and admire those precious, silky ears, but beyond that how much thought are we giving to the long term care of these important body parts?

Pet ear care is essential to the ongoing good health of our dogs and cats. Learn the basics of how to clean and care for your pet’s adorable ears with tips from your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital!


Healthy Pet Treats = Happy Pets

Natural dog foodThe Fall beauty of Park Slope is ubiquitous. Not only do the stoops and trees explode with color, but our gardens and markets explode with the season’s harvest of fresh fruits and veggies. Luckily, fall’s abundance isn’t limited to human consumption! Check out any local farmer’s markets (or your very own garden!) for pet-friendly freshness, and you’ll have healthy pet treats covered for the season to come. Continue…