Happy Holiday Safety for Exotic Pets 

Safety for pets around the holiday season is always a topic of conversation at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital. Oftentimes, our less traditional pets (think feathered, winged, or scaled) are left out of things. Holiday safety for exotic pets is important, too. Read on for our best pointers for a happy season for all animals, great and small. 

Special Holiday Safety for Exotic Pets

Holiday safety for exotic pets is of particular concern, after all, these unique critters are often forgotten when it comes to public education.

During the holiday season, don’t forget that:


Pet Halloween Costumes: Ideas, Safety, and Fun

Crazy tailor“From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.” This traditional Scottish verse is still an accurate way to describe one of our favorite times of year – Halloween!

For many pet owners, this holiday is about more than just jack-o’-lanterns and candy (although those are great, too!). It also brings the opportunity to see your pooch or kitty transformed into a princess, superhero, cheerleader, or pretty much anything you can imagine!

However, if your pet’s safety and comfort are in jeopardy, the world of pet Halloween costumes can quickly go from delightfully spooky to downright scary. Continue…