How Many Pets Is Too Many Pets? 

As long as a person can provide food, comfort, and medical care, they should be allowed to keep as many pets as they like, right? In a world like Dr. Doolittle’s, this could work out – but that doesn’t mean it should in reality. 

Some well-meaning individuals take rescuing a little too far, and before they know it they have a situation on their hands not unlike hoarding. We’ve all heard of the crazy cat lady, but at what point does adoption go over the line? 

In other words, how many pets is too many pets?


Including Your Pet in Your Will 

When you think about your last will and testament, some of the things you might consider are your children, your property and assets, and how these assets might be disseminated in the event of your passing. But have you considered what would happen to your pet? 

We sometimes assume that our pets will go beyond the rainbow bridge before us, but this is not always the case. It is important to plan for your pet’s care and well-being should the unexpected happen. The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital explores some of the reasons why including your pet in your will is something that will give you peace of mind.


Pets and the City: The Principles of Urban Pet Safety

Businesswoman Commuting To Office With Her DogThe life of a city-dwelling pet is undeniably different than for their suburban or rural peers. While city life comes with many conveniences and perks (such as easy access to high-quality veterinary care and pet health specialists), it also includes a certain set of challenges for people and their pets (think crowds, trash, and traffic).

Urban pet safety is an essential component of responsible pet ownership. Your friends at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital are happy to share our tips for safe city living with pets! Continue…