Allergic Reaction or Pet Poisoning? Both are a Pet Emergency!

It’s just another normal day at home when all of a sudden, you start to notice your pet acting a little funny. What’s going on? A closer look at their general appearance and behavior may reveal they’re unwell, but without a concrete understanding of what’s behind vague symptoms, you’re stumped.

In some cases, you could have a bona fide pet emergency on your hands. Was your pet exposed to something toxic? Are they having a serious allergic reaction to something? The answer may surprise you. Either way, it’s a situation that requires quick thinking and immediate action.


Exposure to Edible Marijuana: A Serious Pet Poisoning

pet poisoningsMarijuana is legal in over a half dozen states and is allowed for medical purposes in almost 30. With this shift to decriminalization, cannabis products are becoming more mainstream – and pets are noticing.

Edibles (edible treats made with pot like brownies, candies, etc.) are common culprits of pet poisonings. Seemingly irresistible by many people and animals alike, edibles contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which affects the tissues of the liver, kidneys, and brain.


Essential Oils and Pets: Harmful or Helpful?

Essential Oils and PetsPerusing the aisles of many pharmacies, you’re likely to come across small vials of essential oils and products regaling their cure-all properties. From eliminating nausea to decreasing anxiety, essential oils have been used for generations as folk remedies but are now all the rage. Many people claim to benefit from their use, so it’s no surprise these oils are fast becoming accepted for medicinal use among pets.

Essential oils and pets may be touted as an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, but are they entirely safe? The team at Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital wants to help pet owners become more knowledgeable about essential oils and the possible danger they can pose to our animal friends.


The Golden Rule: Keep Pets Safe From Back-to-School Pet Toxins

back to school Back-to-school season means different things to different people. Kids may be filled with excitement or trepidation; parents will miss their kids but are probably relieved to have school back in session; teachers are gearing up for another year of guiding a fresh set of youngsters down the path toward adulthood.

Many pets look forward to the start of a new school year as well, especially when it means a daily onslaught of delicious odors wafting in from backpacks and lunchboxes. Unfortunately, a variety of serious risks lurk in these seemingly innocent bags. Pet parents are wise to take a closer look at how to protect their four-legged family members from back-to-school pet toxins.